Monday, 12 June 2023

Bushmills Irish whiskey is more than just a drink; it’s an experience that’s been crafted to perfection over hundreds of years. The process of distilling, ageing, and bottling the whiskey is done with great care resulting in a refined spirit that’s enjoyed by whiskey lovers around the world in any setting, from a cosy night in, to a night out with friends.

As Irish whiskey gains popularity, consumers are becoming increasingly discerning with their whiskey choices, and education is playing a critical role in this. Recognising this trend, Bushmills® Irish whiskey has taken steps to satisfy the thirst for knowledge and adventure among whiskey enthusiasts by providing engaging content, vivid images and informative tasting videos on its digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


The distinctive taste and profiles of Bushmills Single Malts

Bushmills has a collection of high-quality products, including its flagship whiskey, Bushmills Original, and a range of single malts, including the Bushmills 10-Year-Old, 16-Year-Old, and 21-Year-Old, which are aged for varying lengths of time to produce different flavour profiles.

As the exclusive distributor of Bushmills Irish whiskey in South Africa, Edward Snell & Co shares the brand’s commitment to quality and tradition. With Edward Snell & Co’s expertise in the industry and Bushmills’ 400 years of heritage, South African whiskey enthusiasts can expect a truly exceptional whiskey experience.

The 10-year-old expression first released in 1983 is smooth and approachable with aromas of honey, vanilla and milk chocolate, while the 16-year-old is richer and spicier with hints of dried fruit and nutmeg. The 21-year-old is the most complex of the range, with layers of flavour that evolve on the palate, including dark chocolate, toasted oak, and a subtle smokiness.

Crafting these single malts means nurturing a small number of casks in our warehouses so that they age in optimal conditions. The combination of time, sheer dedication needed and the fact that a lot of whiskey is lost through evaporation – known as the angels’ share – is part of what makes the Bushmills single malt range a rare treat.


Crafting and enjoying the perfect Bushmills experience

Unlike other whiskies that are typically distilled twice, Bushmills is distilled three times, producing a smoother spirit. One of its trade secrets is that Bushmills only uses unpeated malted barley, which eliminates the smoky flavour often found in other whiskies. But it’s not just the production process that sets Bushmills apart. It is one of the few “grain to glass” distilleries in the world, which means it controls every aspect of production, ensuring unique quality control and attention to detail in every drop.

Master Distiller, Colum Egan was Ireland’s youngest distiller when he joined Bushmills and has remained with the company for over two decades. Egan has a deep passion for the craft and his mastery is reflected in the exceptional quality of the whiskeys produced at Bushmills. He recommends enjoying the Bushmills range neat or with a little water or over ice. The smoothness of the whiskey also makes it perfect for mixing with soda or ginger ale, but for an aged single malt, it’s recommended that only a little water or ice is added.

Whether you’re a seasoned whiskey aficionado or a curious newcomer to the world of whiskey, Bushmills Irish whiskey is a must-try that is sure to delight the palate and leave a lasting impression.