Wednesday, 31 May 2023

Edward Snell & Co, South Africa’s largest independent spirits group has recently surpassed a major production and distribution milestone by announcing the construction of a new distribution centre. Staying at the forefront of any industry demands dynamism and innovation, while remaining grounded in foundational values – Edward Snell & Co has led the charge in this area for nearly 200 years.

To illustrate, one simply needs to look at the new distribution site. More than simply another facility, the Gauteng-based distribution centre will serve as a hub for connection, bringing together and accommodating logistics, admin and sales staff working in separate buildings. This is essential for a company that recognises people as a key part of its success as it demonstrates the priority for connectedness within the team. Open-plan workspaces and recreational facilities such as a rooftop entertainment area and a soccer pitch are physical representations of this and important elements at the new site.

The goal is to facilitate improved efficiency and productivity, but more than that, to foster cohesion and belonging. “Investing in people is a priority for us at Edward Snell & Co, especially when it comes to our company purpose – the pursuit of greatness for good,” says HR Director Neil Proudfoot.

Notably, the theme of ‘care beyond capital’ continues in the incorporation of sustainability and energy-efficient features, limiting the company’s environmental footprint. The new facility will house a PV solar system with battery storage capacity for energy savings, a rainwater harvesting system, and backup water storage facilities aimed at reducing water usage. It will also feature modern safety specifications such as low-impact access doors for further convenience.

The location of the new centre is Isando, a stone’s throw from the company’s existing production facility which ultimately simplifies the transport of goods from production to distribution, saving on time and fuel.

Brett Coppin, Export & Group Logistics Director shares that the size increase will have a tremendous impact on production efficiency. “The new facility will be approximately 40% larger than our current one. This will allow for more efficient storage of our goods, which should contribute to improved throughput efficiency and enhanced business capabilities.”

With over 23 brands to manage, including local and international principal portfolios to be distributed across various countries – the value of the new site cannot be overemphasised.

Finally, in addition to answering immediate needs, the site offers the opportunity for the current and future expansion requirements of the company. With this significant investment, Edward Snell & Co is well poised for future growth. Building works began in February and projections are that the centre will be operational by year-end.

“This investment redemonstrates our commitment to ‘pursuing greatness for good’ and providing the best possible service to our customers. We are excited about the opportunities this facility will bring in the years to come, not only for our business but for the country as a whole,” concludes Coppin.