Mandela Day 2023 Initiative

Wednesday, 19 July 2023

On 18th July, South Africa our country that is alive with possibility, honours Nelson Mandela and his spirit of generosity and giving back. Whilst we strive toward driving our company purpose “The Pursuit of Greatness for Good” every day, marked days such as Mandela Day carve out especially meaningful opportunities to come together to do great things as a proudly South African organisation!


This year Edward Snell & Co collaborated with long-term Corporate Sustainability partner U-turn; an NGO with a 25-year history in providing basic relief such as food and clothing to people experiencing homelessness in South Africa. The holistic, four-phased rehabilitation programme extends into drug and alcohol rehabilitation support and finally culminates into skills development through a work-based learnership programme, with the aim to secure employment. The approach lasts on average 19 months. U-turn’s multi-disciplinary team includes social workers, homeless support workers, occupational therapists, counsellors, trainers and life coaches. Upon programme completion, over 80% of U-turn graduates remain sober, employed and thriving, never to return to sleeping rough on the streets again.



During our #67minutes, Edward Snell & Co. employees from each regional office came together to donate, sort through and deliver clothing, blankets, non-perishable food items, toiletries and various household items to the regional U-turn offices as well as their local partnership networks. Second hand clothing in good resale condition is sold at various U-turn Charity Shop locations with the dual purpose of raising the necessary funds to fund the extensive rehabilitation programme, as well as to provide skills training to previously homeless, or those currently in rehabilitation through work experience within stores.


“We believe that if we act as a collective force for good in the marketplace, we have the potential to leave our industry, our communities and our world better than how we found it.”  

Karin Krause Wessels, Managing Director, Edward Snell


Edward Snell & Co’s decade-long partnership with U-turn is deeply rooted in our shared vision to drive sustainable economic development; through promoting responsible consumption as an industry, by uplifting our communities through the provision of opportunities for lifelong learning; and by actively contributing toward global sustainability goals through our various green initiatives – effectively leaving our industry, our country and our world better than how we found it. We continue to seek and nurture meaningful partnerships, who passionately support us in pursuit of doing greatness for good.


Every human being experiencing homelessness deserves to re-write their story and share in the warmth of love and human connection.  We’re proud to have been a part of that story today.


If you want to help in other ways such as buying shelter vouchers, donations or donating goods, please contact or register as a volunteer through: